Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Technique of Transcendental Meditation

Since I have already given an Introduction to Transcendental Meditation in my previous blog post, I would like to discuss the steps involved in the technique in this post.

The technique of TM is taught in seven systematic steps.
Step 1 – Introductory lecture – a vision of possiblilities through the technique of TM (about 90 min)
Step 2 – Preparatory lecture – the origin and mechanics of TM (about 90 min)
Step 3 – Personal interview with the teacher (about 15 min)
Step 4 – Personal instruction – learning the technique (about 20 min)
Step 5, 6 and 7 – Verification and validation of experiences of the previous days.

I attended the TM course by Acharya Mr. Sasidharan at Maharishi Ved Vigyan Bhavan, Mithranandapuram, in Thiruvananthapuram. The following 7 steps is the way I would interpret the technique.
1) Sit comfortably
2) Close your eyes
3) Wait for about 30 seconds
4) Meditation proper
5) Stop meditation
6) Wait for about 2 min with eyes closed
7) Open your eyes slowly to end meditation

The meditation proper consists of repeating the sacred mantra in a progressively decreasing tone and amplitude in a non rhythmic manner. The mantra must be learned from a qualified TM instructor to maintain the purity of the TM technique. The mantra should be chanted in the mind for sometime after which it becomes feeble and gradually disappears. The chanting should be restarted only when thoughts appear in your mind.

• TM must be practiced for at least 15 minutes twice daily for obtaining full benefits of the technique.
• Ideal time is at the times of sunrise and sunset while sitting facing the sun.
• Sit comfortably in whichever position you want, but avoid supporting the head (else you might begin to sleep!)
• TM should be avoided 1 hour after breakfast and 3 hours after a major meal (for obvious medical reasons!)
• Allow all natural events to occur without attempting to suppress them in between a session of TM. E.g. yawning, coughing, scratching, adjusting position, sneezing and even sleeping! After all, the aim is to release our stress; not to increase it.
• Thoughts might disturb a session of TM. But it should not be considered as a disturbance as it is just a part of relieving stress accumulated in the mind.
• Wait for about 2 min after meditation to open your eyes to avoid a jolt by the sudden transition from deep rest to activity.

Where to learn the technique of TM?
Visit for your nearest TM training center. If you are in India, you can visit your nearest Maharishi Ved Vigyan Bhavan or Maharishi Vidya Mandir School.

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