Friday, March 6, 2009

Quotes from Mahabharata

"To save a family, abandon a man; to save the village, abandon a family; to save the country, abandon a village; to save the soul, abandon the earth."
-Vidura quoting Kavya

Janaka said: Unlimited is my wealth. At the same time I have nothing. If the whole of Mithila (his kingdom) be consumed in a conflagration, I shall incur no loss of wealth.

He is a fool that practises truth without knowing the difference between truth and falsehood.
-Krishna to Arjuna

The intoxication with power is worse than drunkeness with liquor and such, for who is drunk with power does not come to his senses before he falls.

A man should avoid these six like a leaking boat in the ocean: a teacher who does not teach, a priest who has not studied, a king who fails to protect, a wife who is abusive, a cowherd who wants a village, and a barber who wants a forest.

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