Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bharatasavitri - Essence of Mahabharata

matapitrasahsrani putradarasatanica
samsaresvanubhutani yanti yasyanti capare
harshasthanasahasrani bhayasthanasatani ca
divase divase mudham avisanti na panditam
urdhvabahur viraumyesa na ca kascicchrnoti me
dharmadarthasca kamasca sa dharma kim na sevyate
na jatu kaman na bhayanna lobbhad
dharmam tyajejjivitsyapi heto
nityo dharmah sukhadukhe tvanitye
jivo nityo heturasya tvanityah

It is translated as following by Sri. Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

Thousands of mothers and fathers, and hundreds of sons and wives arise in the world and depart from it. Others will (arise and) similarly depart. There are thousands of occasions for joy and hundreds of occasions for fear. These affect only him that is ignorant but never him that is wise. With uplifted arms I am crying aloud but nobody hears me. From Righteousness is Wealth as also Pleasure. Why should not Righteousness, therefore, be courted? For the sake neither of pleasure, nor of fear, nor of cupidity should anyone cast off Righteousness. Righteousness is eternal. Pleasure and Pain are not eternal. Jiva is eternal. The cause, however, of Jiva's being invested with a body is not so.

To read the 100 sloka version of Bharata savitri and to know more about it, visit the following link.

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