Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chalisas - texts and videos

A chaupai is one verse of Indian poetry that uses a metre of four syllables. An example of a chaupai includes the Hanuman Chalisa about which I have mentioned in my previous post. There are other chalisas in praise of other Gods. 

Some of them are Durga Chalisa, Ganga Chalisa , Hanuman Chalisa, Santoshi Chalisa, Saraswati Chalisa, Shani Chalisa, Shitala Chalisa, Shirdi Sai Chalisa, Shiv Chalisa, Ganesh Chalisa, Gayatri Chalisa, Krishna Chalisa, Lakshmi (Laxmi) Chalisa , Ram Chalisa, Vindhyeshwari Chalisa, Vishnu Chalisa, Bhairav Chalisa and Navagraha Chalisa. You can read all these chalisas at the following link. Some of them have their English translations included.

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  1. very nice description about the chalisa ...jai mata di.