Monday, January 26, 2009

Templenet - Temple Encylopedia

India is a land of temples and they dot the entire subcontinent. Each and every temple is sacred, associated with a unique legend of its own and has many stories from its devotees. Templenet presents to the world a world of temples, reflecting the grandeur and the stunning diversity of temple styles across the nation. The site deserves the title it boasts of i.e. The Ultimate Source of Information on Indian Temples. Ranging from history, legend, architecture, festivals, travel and tourism; it is a complete reference for the temples of India. 
The site has won several accolades and has been in the cyberspace for more than a decade. Templenet is an ongoing selective presentation on an extensive research project on Indian temples by Mr. Kanniks Kannikeswaran. He is a visionary musician, composer, music educator and writer with several recordings, productions and scores to his credit.

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