Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stories from a Grandpa

Almost gone are those good old days when Grandpa and Grandma used to tell stories to kids and fuelled their imagination and inculcated moral values. Today everyone is glued to the television set and the kids addicted to computer games.Inspite of all the technical gizmos, millions of toys they are missing out on this wonderful tresaure which we were lucky to get from our thatha/patti(grand parents).

Sri. P R Ramachander a famous retired scientist, is already introduced in this blog item about Stothra Rathnas is a grandpa of 3 little darlings. Thatha in Tamil language means Grandpa. Raja Thatha is how Mr. Ramachander is called by his grandchildren, all of whom enjoy Raja thatha's titbits, favourites of course are the stories. He reaches out to all those little ones and not so little ones out there who would love to hear them. You can read those stories in his website and can share it with your little ones. Infact they are all very interesting stories, rich with India's wisdom and morals in each one of them and can be enjoyed by young and old alike.



  1. Thank you Mr. Ramachander for your efforts and sharing the stories with everyone.

  2. THanks for high lighting my stories, Raja Thatha