Monday, January 19, 2009

Learn Sanskrit Online

The oldest literature of the world, the Vedas, the Puranas and the Ithihasas which relate to the Indian subcontinent, are all written in the Sanskrit language. They are still available in the same form as they were known from the very beginning. This is only because of the scholars who are well versed in Sanskrit. There is sufficient evidence available today to claim that Sanskrit is one of the oldest language of the world. Learning Sanskrit is very important for students who have sanskrit as one of the second languages in the school, Indologists, Linguistic scholars, Sanskrit scholars, scientists or just anyone interested in learning and assimilating India's ancient scriptures. The study of languages is always fascinating. For this reason alone, one can study or learn Sanskrit. The word Sanskrit means well refined and is aptly called so as it has maintained its structure and vocabulary even today as it was in the past.
The Samskritapriyah group and the Samskrit Education Society with the help of IIT Madras have set up an online resource to learn Sanskrit. Click the link below to start learning or to just refresh your knowledge.


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  2. संस्कृतं देवभाषास्ति
    वेदभाषास्ति संस्कृतम् ।
    प्राचीनज्ञानभाषा च
    संस्कृतं भद्रमण्डनम् ॥

    Sanskrit is a divine language.
    Sanskrit is the language of Vedas.
    It is also the language of ancient knowledge.
    Sanskrit is a language which adorns prosperity.

    (More at Subhashita Manjari)