Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sreyas - A Great Spiritual Resource

I stumbled upon a great online resource for Hindu spiritual resources. In fact the majority of the site is in malayalam. But there is a lot of content in English too. You can download a lot of ebooks, audio and videos which are of excellent quality. What I liked the most is the excellent satsanga audio resources which can be downloaded. Nowadays it is very difficult to find satsanga sessions and listen to the vedic wisdom. Information technology is helping to cover up the distances by enabling us to download and listen to the great spiritual gurus. 

The site is maintained by Sreekandakumar Pillai (Sree). He had worked with Infosys Technologies at offshore and various foreign locations. Later he quit his full-time job and founded Zetta Technologies and working as a project manager and blogger. The english version of the site can be accessed at the following link.